How it began

After working in the marketing departments of iconic American manufacturers for 19 years as a Creative Director, Eric decided to make the leap and do what is dearest to his heart – help locally-owned small businesses succeed in a world competing with large national and international companies.

This passion was realized when he and wife Mandee first began their independent social media/blog platform known as KnoxFoodie. Championing local restaurants, farms, breweries, distilleries, and artisans to the Knoxville community is the goal of KnoxFoodie and remains that along with sharing their own creations in the kitchen.

Chefs and restaurant owners began to ask Eric for advice and hands-on help with their own marketing and social media platforms. Kudos from the food community began to roll in and Eric and Mandee saw they were truly making a difference with their favorite food producers and helping them open-up, grow, get recognition, and succeed.

At the end of 2015, Eric made the decision to dedicate himself to helping these same people, outside of KnoxFoodie, by offering his nearly 2 decades of experience as a service. Not limited to food, Eric helps local businesses compete on what is now a global business scene.